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Mar 05, 2017  
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But the prospect of Wilders gaining stature even while shut out of power has alarmed Dutch Muslims, who make up 5 percent of the population. "It's not about him burning Korans or literally closing mosques, because we know that's very unlikely," said Dounia Jari, a Moroccan-Dutch activist who helps young gay, lesbian and transgender Muslims come to terms with their identities. "But with him spreading hatred, he won't be targeted, but I can be targeted on the streets by someone who shares his ideology." INSIDER Though often compared to outsiders like French nationalist Marine Le Pen, Britain's anti-European Union campaigner Nigel Farage or U.S. President Donald Trump, Wilders emerged from within mainstream Dutch politics. When Van Gogh was killed in 2004, Wilders had just quit the main center-right liberal party over his opposition to Turkey joining the European Union. In February, 2006 he founded his Party for Freedom (PVV), which combined libertarian promises to raise speed limits with harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric. Most Dutch see openness and religious tolerance as essential national traits of their cosmopolitan seafaring country. Holland has served as a European haven for refugees since the 16th century, when the mainly Protestant Dutch broke away from Catholic Spain, dedicated their new state to religious freedom and offered protection to minorities including Spanish Jews. Wilders says it is precisely that tolerance that is threatened by Islam's "totalitarian ideology". Passionate about the Middle East since he spent time on an Israeli cooperative farm, or kibbutz, as a teenager, he says his opposition to Islam came from contrasting Israel's openness with its neighbors. Even as his party has grown, its opposition to Islam has strengthened.

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